Hi this is Hussain. A , with 6 plus years of Game development and 9 plus years in 3D Industry,

for more go through my LinkedIn Profile(link available at bottom of the page)

Service provided by Me:

  • Game Development (Windows, Android , webGL)
  • Virtual Reality apps (Meta (Oculus) Quest ,Android ,PCVR)
  • Augmented reality apps
  • Game Engines:
    • Unreal Engine (Windows, Android, Meta(Oculus) quest VR , PCVR , Android VR , Pixel Streaming) ,
    • Unity (Photon Multiplayer, Metaverse, Android ,VR, AR , webGL) ,
    • Cocos Creator (Android, webGL)
  • Games published on:
    • Steam
    • Playstore

feel free to browse through my projects and contact me for any projects.

BluBoy The Journey Begins
UE4 |Windows | Steam
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Quagmire The Village
UE4 | Android | Playstore
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My ArchViz Projects
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VR Car Configurator developed using Unreal Engine 4,
captured from Oculus Quest 2

Unity | Metaverse | Multiplayer
Unity | Metaverse |

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